Starch emulsified ASA system


Polymer emulsified ASA system


Sellukem: [selukem]. A Swedish engineering company founded in 1995 active in the interface between paper chemistry and paper technology. Working with a network of carefully chosen partners Sellukem represents a breed of chemical suppliers offering the latest technology obtained with very low overhead and fixed costs.

Our vision

"Sellukem is to be a company…

  • where development is considered an investment in the future

  • where sound engineering is the foundation upon which the company is built

  • where red tape is replaced with a clear vision of what the red logo stands for

  • where generalisation is considered inferior to specialisation

  • where perseverance and dedication to select a few products and relations are paramount to short term results

  • where all employees are not only empowered to improve company output and working place safety, but also required to do so

  • where benefits of being ISO 9001 and 14001 certified are evident to customers, supplier and employees alike

  • making Sellukem a company to be proud to work for and a valued partner in long term relations